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Sustainable Energy


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Smart meters offer a number of benefits to electricity retailers, including:

  • Improved customer service: Smart meters can help retailers provide better customer service by giving them real-time data on customer energy usage. This data can be used to identify potential problems and proactively contact customers to resolve them.

  • Increased efficiency: Smart meters can help retailers improve their efficiency by reducing the need for manual meter readings and repairs.

  • New product and service opportunities: Smart meters can open up new opportunities for retailers to offer new products and services to their customers, such as energy monitoring and demand-side management programs.

Electricity Usage

Smart meters measure electricity usage every 5 minutes and communicate this to your power company every 24hrs


Smart meters provide the ability to notify users when is the best time to use your energy or even know when usage is outside a normal pattern

Improved Accuracy

Smart meters provide improved accuracy of usage to your electricity provider, no longer needing to send someone to read the meter or estimate the usage which can cost you more

Electric Vehicles

Your smart meter is ready for electric vehicles. You can schedule your electric car to be powered by your own solar power or when it is cheap from the grid to reduce cost. You can even power your house from your car!

Solar Power

Smart Meters are necessary to use your solar power. Smart meters measure electricity use to and from the grid so you can sell your power back to your electricity provider

Battery Storage

Household electricty batteries can soak up power when it is cheap so you don't pay peak rates Your smart meter can also enable you to sell your power back to the electricity provider in peak times at a higher rate

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